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Customer Engagement

Strategic use of SMS marketing allows you to engage your customers in a modern and user-friendly manner.


Set up scheduled, queued or delayed messages to keep the lines of communication open with your customers or client base.

Voice Broadcasting

Send alerts, promotions, and updates reaching as few or as many customers as you’d like with ease.

Bill Reminders

Ensure your clients know when a bill is overdue or nearing its due date by sending an automated text or voice message.

Customer Retention

Progressive businesses use Smart SMS to openly communicate with their clients resulting in developed customer retention.

Bill Reminders

At Smart SMS Data, we offer a quick, convenient way for you to remind your clients that a bill is due or overdue. This automatic message removes the need for you or a person on your staff to spend endless hours making phone calls or crafting emails.
Our bill reminders are also customizable in that they can contain specific information unique to each call recipient and/or offer direction as to what actions the individual needs to take to ensure their account remains in good standing.

Oftentimes, a reminder is all someone needs in order for your company to collect payment on an unpaid invoice or to set up a payment plan and avoid the hassle of collections. We’ve put forth the extra effort to ensure a smooth bill collection process, so you don’t have to.


Information overload is a real thing in today’s digital age and this means that even important emails are being bypassed without being opened, and unknown numbers are often ignored or pushed to voicemail.

We at Smart SMS Data encourage our users to realize the value of customized communication. Consider how much you appreciate it when others take the time to ensure valuable information is conveyed to you respectfully and in a convenient manner. This is the power Smart SMS Data offers to you and your business.

We enable you to send messages straight to your recipient’s hand and in the exact manner they are accustomed to receiving messages from those they both trust and value. This allows you to build rapport and confidence while providing top-notch customer service.


Always know what you’ll pay.


One Local Phone Number
for Opt-In List



Up to 165 SMS Credits

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Subscribers


One Local Phone Number
for Opt-In List



Up to 325 SMS Credits

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Subscribers


5 Local Phone Numbers
for Multiple Opt-In List



Up to 650 SMS Credits

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Subscribers

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Happy customers.

thumb_01_60_60Lindsey Johnson

Los Angeles, CA

“I love that we can design, personalize and execute our SMS quickly and effectively. The productivity in our office has increased as a result of the time we are saving, thank you.”

11, January 2017

thumb_02_60_60Dr. Justin Reed

New York, NY

“I could not recommend SMS Data more. It is fantastic to be able to push a friendly reminder of an upcoming appointment or bill that is past due and get a direct reply. It’s a great tool for communication.”

17, Dec 2016

thumb_03_60_60Jones Evans

Washington, DC

“We are getting great customer feedback since we’ve begun using Smart SMS Data. We are also seeing a significant decrease in missed appointments, it’s a win-win solution!”

2, March 2017

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